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Beary And Bo is an American Franchise Which Was A Nostalgia Bomb Detonated In May 1930 Had 2,000 Cartoons Running From 4/21/1930 To 5/16/1970 Theoreticaly First Black And White Cartoon 4/21/1930 First Color Cartoon 7/3/1939 Final Cartoon 5/16/1970 This Is A Wiki Anyone Can Edit I Doubt You Know Or Remember Anything So Read The Rules! And Below Some Ideas For The Time Being


1,Cartoon 1988-1995 CBS

2,Original Cartoons (Above)

3,2015 CGI Grand Comeback Movie

4,1999 Gameboy RPG

5,Cartoon 1960-1966

6,Cartoon 1965-1973

7,1961 The Beary Show (Puppets)

8,Liam (Charicter) ***ADMINS ONLY!!!***

9,The Original Charicters (For You Exepting Liam)

10,Animated TV Specials 1957-2011

11,Clayanimation NBC Original 1955-1962 "The Beary And Bo Show"

12,1953 Pilot Film For "The Beary And Bo Show"

13,Books 1966-

14,Comic Strip 1930-

(No More But There's More Coming!)

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